Toscana restaurant e' un sito che raccoglie i migliori ristoranti della Toscana adatti per gruppi Turistici, Congressuali o di Incentive.

Toscana Restaurant 



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PaStation aims to offer to Italian cuisine lovers all over the world the possibility to consume products coming from the original Italian tradition, through the creation of a replicable format that meets all needs and unifies the Italian tradition of “Slow Food” and “quick cooking” techniques. The environment is smart, trendy and at the same time traditional.  It aim to offer a shop where the touch of Italian design is recognizable. The open kitchen is a fundamental element of the format because the customer must see at once the quality offered by PaStation. Through the supply of Italian high quality brands of controlled origin it offers dishes carefully prepared within the shop. The main course is Pasta:  thanks to the partnership with De Cecco it proposes a high quality product which is renown worldwide. The Menu consists of 8 different pasta types (including whole wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta)  that can be freely dressed with different fresh sauces. In addition to the main course, PaStation offers a wide assortment of Italian soft drinks (thanks to its partner Galvanina), Italian Wines (through its partner Marchesi Antinori), desserts (thanks to its partner Bindi) and coffee (thanks to its partner Lavazza).

Location: Firenze - Via Porta Rossa, 64r

Opening: Always open

Types of group:  quality tourist groups

Total capacity: 70 pax

Main dining room: 30-25 pax

Private dining room: seats from 15 to 30 

Cuisine: Tuscan, Italian

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